College ain’t a breeze

The college experience was one that I thought would only include a couple of text books, some coffee, and a little bit of prayer. I didn’t think it would truly be difficult. High school was a breeze. Online classes in high school, specifically the system that has been set up by Florida, was as sweet as a palm tree breeze on one of our white sand beaches.

College was different. College, for lack of a more prolific term, was hard.

I spent over $300 in coffee alone, I’m pretty sure. Christopher and I set up a budget the last month of my semester to see where my coffee habit was at and what we found was insulting to our wallets and my body.

The amount of deadlines I ran after being the Editor-in-Chief of the College of Central Florida’s award-winning Literature and Art Magazine, Imprints, and the Co-Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning newspaper at CF, The Patriot Press, was absolutely exhausting.

I was fully unaware of the fact that deadlines were more like the rails in the middle of a long Interstate; you think you can run into them, maybe move them a little, but you would just strike another car and still probably have to meet the deadline regardless.

The College of Central Florida has my heart. I could shed a couple tears for the amount of time I’m not going to be there. Not going to be seeing the people that have brightened my days. I’m not going to be around my favorite professors. I won’t be able to sit and try to type people by their Myers Briggs traits.

Instead, I’ll be working. I walked in the Spring graduation of 2016. I am the class of 2016. I didn’t realize that until this morning; I have another “year” that in my mind is dubbed as my year that I pushed through and walked across a stage to receive a very expensive piece of paper.

And in all reality, that paper isn’t mine yet. I thought of keeping this heartache to myself, but to share is to breathe for me, so…I received a “D” in Elementary Statistics.

I wish they weren’t allowed to put a word of trickery like “elementary” in front of something as difficult as Statistics. But they are, and I was tricked, too, and for some reason Mass Communication majors are required to take Stats.

I have not graduated truly, yet, solely because of Stats, and two other science classes that I need to take. I will be finished with my Associates of Arts in Mass Communications in just a summer’s time. That is a beautiful thought.

– acm

_DSC0242Photo by Stevie Raina White