The day to head off  to Tennessee is finally here. A music festival that includes my best friend, camping on site, every OOTD that I could ever want in my closet, some of my most favorite artists that have helped me survive through the hard times in life, a cultivated “kindness” attitude, clean port-a-potties (I’m telling you this is important), good food, a week long’s vacation from Florida, and discovering a couple of new cities with my best friend.

I’m not even mentally ready. How do you mentally prepare for a music festival that is going to blow your mind? Its going to override all of senses with loud music, loud people, while we’re sleeping, while we’re eating, while we’re doing anything, there’s going to be noise. There’s going to be this overcoming feeling of belonging with these people, the same people that listen to the same music as us and decided to follow their favorites all the way to this 700 acre farm.

All I can say is I’m excited. Overwhelmingly. Brittany and I aren’t prepared enough for it, even though my car is filled to the brim and I have a coffee in my hands and I said good-bye to my boyfriend this morning with some tears in my eyes (six days is quite a time-frame to be physically apart from your soulmate). But the best part of all this is that I get to spend six days with my other soulmate, my “bae”, my girl, B.

This is what we’ve been preparing for since we met each other. We knew that we loved music. We shared an intense desire for music together. We fell in-love with some of these bands together, some of these people. When we first started going to concerts, our parents we sit us both down or at least talk to us as we’re leaving the house, irritated and ready to get on the road, about how important being careful was. How important it is to be aware of our surroundings, how important it is to carry mace, and stay near each other and check in.

Yesterday, all my parents said was “check in daily, have fun at Woodstock!”

With that, we’re outta here!


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