Today I want to document that it is a Sunday. I have this Sunday off. I have weekends off again. I left Howard Johnson Inn of Ocala, and my personal peace has been sky-rocketing since doing so. I went back to an old job where the job is bland, but I have a greater appreciation for it.

And it gives us the weekend off, meaning that I’m going to be enjoying the Farmer’s Market more often, enjoying seeing my family more often, and sleeping in on Sundays.

My boyfriend and our family went to Ormond Beach today. It was glorious. I am redder than a clown’s nose and we are all now sitting on the couch, waiting to make dinner at a reasonable hour, and preparing to watch a movie later.

I just simply wanted to take the time and state that I am so happy today. I feel so full today. I’m humbled by the remarkable thing that is life. For the remarkable abilities we all have to take advantage of life. I love life.





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