Changes are in Motion

If there’s something I’ve learned since posting my last blog post, it would be that changes are coming. Change was once something that did terrify me, though at the time I don’t think I truly noticed that change was one of my weaker points. However, in the past two-three years, I’ve adapted and began to welcome the new waves of change that roll through way more often than most of us probably even realize. Way more often than I realized.

In the past month that I’ve blogged, I’ve had the pleasure of getting even closer to the precious baby girl that’s been staying in the bedroom across the hall from me. There’s something interesting and wacky and mind boggling about an only child (at 20 years old) getting a new child in the house. She’s a blessing, a handful, and quick witted. Her name is Tammara and she’s basically brightened my life. Her sweet hugs and funny jokes and weird laugh never fails to make me smile and make me all sorts of giggly.

I’ve had the peculiar vantage point of watching my parents move from one category to another. First, of course, as my parents and providers; the ones I would run to or run away from, depending on the situation. The ones that I grew up with and knew distinctly as my parents, not as Tracy and Kelly, but simply as Momma and Daddy. But then my 17th birthday hit, and I realized I was telling my mom some of the most personal information I had about myself. I realized my dad and I were having equally intelligent conversations with each other, rather than me just learning from him and his opinions.

That was my particular favorite was the friend phase and relishing in the comfort of having parents that were not only parents, but some of my best friends, as well.

We were still in that stage when Tammara came along. And we still are, for the most part. But its difficult for them to start the parenting process with Tammara again. She’s a nine year old that has switched schools in the middle of the year, who now has to try to pass the FCAT while maintaining her valuable time outside playing with her best friend across the street. My parents have had to go from a “full time parent/friend” to a twenty year old who knows the rules and understands the amount of respect and love that needs to be given in most situations that are laid in front of her, to being a “full time parent” that reminds the little one that she must brush her teeth in the morning and she must be in bed by 9 pm to be fully rested for school the next day.

I can see the hardship that my parents have been going through jumping from one role to another. And this blog is simply to commemorate for their role in my life. Their roles each have a specific and effective role in my life. I’ve learned to love, communicate, study and observe through their teachings. They taught me the foundations of life and then let me go as easily as momma birds due to their tiny ones. They taught me how to walk, run, and soar. I’ve been doing quite well. I’m still under their wings in certain ways, but I know that even that is going to be changing soon.

And I welcome it.


The baby girl herself.


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