New Year Brings New Things

I won’t say I have resolutions. I don’t truly believe that “resolutions” are the resolutions to our day-to-day habits. It takes an intense amount of time to stick to a habit, good or bad.

Granted, if you don’t start somewhere then you have nothing.

I don’t want to have “nothing” as my current plan of action, so something occurred to me as I walked back to my boyfriend’s house after meeting one of my closest friends in the middle of the street to hand her some of the pie that I made for dessert.

She was the one who started it; honestly. She told me she wanted to bring me her chili since I was sick. My heart was touched when I read her text message and even more touched when she actually met up with me to give me the chili!

My resolutions are:
1. To be the type of friend that says they’ll bring you whatever you need when you’re sick, and truly mean it.
2. I want to be the girlfriend, the friend, the daughter that is supportive and compassionate towards all subjects.
3. To be the calm one in all or most situations.
4. To always try. Even when my spirits are down, even when I’m sick, even when I don’t “feel” like it.
5. To love. To love as hard as I possibly can, but with a softness.

Tonight I feel completely and totally in tune with what my tea is trying to tell me.


Thankful. So thankful.


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