Build Up

It was the beginning of August when a young man, barely ripe enough to be called “legal”, was shot. Some say in brutality, others say it was for a good reason. Most are confused and uneducated. And most of all, most people weren’t there to say whether or not the young man was shot.

You can probably guess by now that the young man I am speaking of is Michael Brown. A young man that may or may not have been the victim. The young man that did in fact die, while the officer that shot him is still living mightily free.

I’m not going to sit and talk about the actual situation. I believe that our court system and government is rigged, and has been since the founding fathers sat down with brandies in hand and began to “build the nation.”

However, I will talk about some stuff that’s ridiculously cohesive with old memories. Older times. Times that center around when Martin Luther King Jr. walked the Earth, when Miss Parks sat on a bus and didn’t get up, when my grandfather at an incredibly young age was asked by an elderly black man if he was allowed in McDonald’s, and when thousands were tear-gassed in their own riots and protests.

“The civil rights movement wasn’t easy for anybody.”
Sammy Davis Jr.

It was a time of disorder. People were killed daily, embarrassed moment-to-moment by the signs that signified where they could eat or drink, people were physically and emotionally abused. Not just African-Americans. Not just Spanish folk. Or gay people. All PEOPLE were put through hell during this movement that took the world by storm.

But that’s why it worked. That time of awakening was one that the world had only seen on a small, individual scale. They hadn’t seen what the force of hundreds and thousands of people could do. They hadn’t seen what kind of life love could bring. They hadn’t seen that the world had a voice that was significantly louder than hate.

All I want to do through this private vessel of an outlet of mine is to show you some comparisons to then and now.



Can you tell which riot is which? Are you able to distinguish which photo came from the time of Civil Rights and what is currently happening in Ferguson?

Difficult, isn’t it? I won’t be the one distinguishing it for you. This is all heartbreaking. All that family needed was compassion. All each human being needs is compassion. I, to this day, still don’t really understand how the whole police system works, speaking since killing people is illegal. Yet and still…people are killed. And the way to get out of receiving any type of consequences for murder is by saying that it was in defense.

A life was taken that shouldn’t have been. And now thousands of lives are being affected by it. Millions more have questions and opinions about it.

Before you speak about this issue, or make a hard remark about it or a sarcastic joke, or anything at all; I beg you from the deepest corners of my heart to have compassion.

Think of Michael Brown as your best friend. As your son. As your neighbor. And remember that the officer is also all of those things.

And then remember…if your words are better than silence, speak. If they are not, listen to your momma’s sacred words: hush up.

Special thanks to BloombergBusinessWeek. for photos captured. For helpful hints on opening the mind. And special thanks to those that are loving and compassionate.


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