She Moves with the Tides

My best friend is someone who will always be my first and foremost thought in the morning, right after myself and a decent stretch and appreciation of the light flowing into my bedroom. She is an extension of my own soul. Something that I remember and forget regularly. I always remember we have a deep connection. And I always remember that she’s my best friend, but until I’m right there feeling it all over again and again, I forget how incredibly strong it is.

We haven’t been around each other nearly as much as the beginning, honeymoon stage of our friendship. Work, school, boyfriends, lack of time, lack of daylight, life, in general, just rushed in. But the other day, when I was rushing around mentally about all the things I needed to do that day, I instead thought of how wonderful it would be to stay around my best friend for a couple of hours. It’s always worth it. It’s always worth the extra time for us to catch up. For us to talk. For us to cuddle and giggle. For my mom to love on her. For my dad to make fun of her. For us to be us.

My best friend, Brittany, my dear, you are an essential part of me. I know that you know that. I doubt you forget that. But if you ever do, remember that I loved you yesterday the same as today, and I’ll love you equally or more tomorrow and the next day and centuries away. Our souls are in a lifetime waltz that no one can cut into. We’re mingling in the same dance-floor, we’re listening to the same music, and we have the steps down.


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