It Ain’t Even Over Yet

Christopher is surprising me daily with his kindness, his insight, his soft touch, and incredible intelligence. The way that our minds interlace and our movements coincide is on the verge of scary. We can talk for hours and not bore. We can be quiet for long moments without a moment even feeling like it passed. We can just be.


Currently, we’re just “being” in St. Augustine. After meet and greets with the parents this past weekend, we were ready to be able to be ourselves in my favorite corner of the Earth. As thus far, it seems like he likes it, too.


We’ve made it to the beach twice. Made it to get coffee. Made it to the fort (for free!) for Veteran’s Day. We made it to the pool and the hot tub. We studied. I’ve written more being with him than I have in almost six months. We’ve made it to a cute breakfast spot that we’re coining as “our place”.

There’s something about Chris and I that really lights a fire in me. There’s something incredibly immaculate in the way we feel about each other. There’s something crazy about our connection and how we came together in such a strange way.

There’s something about the way our hands fit together, the kisses are so damn sweet, and how talking is still the most intimate thing we can do.


Escaping to a little part of Florida where no one can find us, giggling and smiling, was a perfect choice. There’s a time for everything, and currently Christopher belongs in my life with such an intensity that its almost scary.

He’s lovely, loving, and loveable.

I’m happy. And there for a while, I thought I was happy with some certain circumstances in my life, but in all reality, they just weren’t right. Now, I feel like there’s isn’t any other way. Now, I feel like it only makes sense that I have another title in my life, “Chris’ girlfriend”. It just makes sense.IMG_0550

Not because he makes me happy specifically; that’s not something that you should need from a significant other. Happiness is internal and completely and totally something that you as a person, as a soul, have to cultivate for yourself, otherwise it can be taken away from you. IMG_0561

But Chris…he just waters the flowers of my already cultivated happiness so well that even the sun smiles.



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