A Little Wednesday Night Savasana

My room is a chaotic mess of the past couple of weeks that I haven’t picked up and put away. I’ve left clothes strewn across the floor. I love leaving empty tea cups on my desk, as though they serve any type of purpose there…messy and unclean. I have a scrapbook that I’ve been meaning to get to and I really do need to vacuum.

My head has been feeling tight. I haven’t felt like running because I tightened up my back royally the last time I went running, plus all of these eight hour shifts of being on my feet haven’t been helping the tightness. And really, who has time to stretch anymore?

Well, before I was going to allow myself to do yoga, I wanted to clean my room. I wanted everything to be perfect, and neat, and orderly. Then I glanced at the clock and realized I had two choices: clean and go to sleep, or do yoga and go to sleep. I didn’t really have a good amount of time to do both if I wanted to get a decent night’s sleep.

Amongst clean clothes, books on the floor, and filled-to-the-brim bags that I took on my latest trip to Orlando, sat I on a yoga mat. I could just feel my soul calming at the tangible feeling of the yoga mat beneath my legs. My mind was clearing; it wasn’t so disastrously loud as it has been for the past couple of days.

Instead, I relinquished the negativity energy with every inhale and exhale. I sat amongst the chaos and found an hour of peace with pigeon poses and deep hip stretches that I wasn’t aware I could still do (since my yoga practice has been slim to none since I started working at the hotel).

I had my candle warmer on, burning two different tarts that made it feel like fall was right in my room. Just in case you would like to know, I mixed strudel&spice with pumpkin caramel pie; it’s divine. My salt lamp was on and you can bet that my strand of white Christmas lights were twinkling as my main source of light.

The choice was a good choice; the choice to do something well for my body. When I get really busy or all of my vegetables brown quicker than I can actually eat them, I throw wasteful food in my body. And it truly affects me; processed and sugary and full of caffeine, I don’t succeed. I need a balanced meal to fully grasp life and do well in it. Along with bad food comes the guilt of not doing something physically well for my body, but I think to myself, “I don’t have the sustainable energy in my body to do the work out, anyways, since I ate this and that today.”

This is a promise to myself: to try. To try as hard as possible to get yoga in and to pick and choose what I feed myself daily. Every meal is a new opportunity to show my body that it truly is a temple. Every yoga session is a new opportunity to show my body what I can do with my temple.

Be blessed. Give grace as though you’re giving it to yourself. And namaste, always.


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