I had a period in my lifetime when I slicked on a large amount of foundation (at quite a young age) because I thought that’s what growing up meant. I thought that to look like a lady you had to have caked on make-up with a ton of eyeshadow and a loud lip gloss.

I was way wrong. However, I did splurge a little bit this past week when I decided to buy a lipstick that had a name and a shade to die for, along with a replacement eyeliner because my eyeliner officially developed it’s full legs and walked casually out of my purse.

A friend of mine with a sweet smile and the loveliest spirit, Taylar, is a Mary Kay consultant. Although, MK is quite popular and usually shut down the moment it is mentioned, please, just wait a moment.

I’m plugging into MK because they have gorgeous shades of lipstick for the upcoming fall season. My favorite part about this line is that the lipstick stays on. I forgot to put on chapstick the first time I applied it, but it still stayed on for hours later. I finally did a touch up about four hours after I put it on. Quite pleased. I didn’t have to touch up the eyeliner at all!


Thankful for sweet ladies like Taylar. Send her a message. She’s ready to provide you with impeccable service and get you some goodies!

Taylar’s website: marykay.com/tward

And, of course, here is some proof of the great products I purchased from Tay!

IMG_1318 IMG_1319 IMG_1320


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